Saturday, August 16, 2008


Found a perfect frame today at Michael's, and it was 50% off on sale! Michael's always has great sales on picture frames, including custom framing. This was a ready-made frame, which worked because my painting was a regular frame size. (Having spent too much on custom frames in the past, now I make paintings within regular frame dimensions which saves a lot of money in the end.) It is an open-back frame, so I had to hammer and screw little braces on the back, and tie on framing wire. I am very happy with the way it completes the painting. It has black and a dark cherry wood color in it, and relates perfectly to the colors in the painting. Tomorrow I'll drop it off at the gallery, and it's out of my hands!


beastmomma said...

I am glad that you found a good frame! It will be so exciting to send your work on its way.

Sonja said...

Thanks! I just dropped it off yesterday morning. They were already beginning hanging the art, and there was tape on the walls with artists' names marking where more paintings will go. It is going to be jam packed with art, which will be fun to look at. I also look forward to seeing the catalog once it's printed. It sounds like it will really be something special.