Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Salon @ Modern Formations

(Photo of a section of the Spring Salon from Modern Formations' web site)

Friday night we went to Unblurred, a coordinated open-house for art galleries in a Pittsburgh neighborhood called Friendship that takes place on the first Friday of every month. It was a nice evening to be outside, walking from art spot to art spot.

At Modern Formations Gallery, they were having their annual Spring Salon. It's a fun show that lets the visitor be the juror. They display all the entries and let the audience vote on their favorite to win a future solo exhibition at the gallery. It is a wonderful opportunity to see a lot of different artists' work and discover new talent.

Abandoned VI by Seth Clark

Here is a link to the web site of an artist from the show that I was quite impressed with whom I've never met and whose work I had never seen before... Seth Clark. His use of collage just adds texture and points of interest, and is very well integrated with his drawings...

Abandoned III and Abandoned VI, mixed media images of abandoned homes, are the two pieces he has in the Spring Salon. I really like them.


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