Monday, March 12, 2012

Sea Creatures & Blood Vessels: Kyle Ethan Fischer

Sea Creatures, Blood Vessels, mixed media by Kyle Ethan Fischer

In Sea Creatures & Blood Vessels, Kyle Ethan Fischer's solo show at Boxheart Gallery, the artist explores the question: "Could the allelopathic condition of auto-inhibition be a biological condition that takes place between systems in the body as they do with aquatic organisms?"

Fischer displays a new series of watercolors, predominantly blood-red, as well as several new sculptures that harken back to his earlier work incorporating handmade lace and crochet among other elements, forming sinewy body parts such as a fragile ribcage with a conch shell where the heart would be. The work draws attention to both the complexity and the fragility of the human body, created during a time of recovery. The show remains on display until March 31.

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